Spring Commissions

Open3/30/2018 (FRI) 07:05 PM

Hey ya'll, I'm gonna take a few sketch and icon commissions this April! People have been asking for a while if and when I would ever open, and I can finally say that I'm feeling confident enough to go for it this year.

Since I've never done commissions seriously before, I'm going to try and use this as a test run so that I can figure out how I can best make this work out for both me and my clients. If you end up working with me, I'd appreciate any feedback!

Just a reminder: this year, I'm only going to open up for a few months at a time. I'll be taking these to be completed in April and early May. Hopefully, the next time I'll be open will be Late Summer or Early Fall, and I'll take a lot more commissions then!

**Forms Collected April 2nd: First Come First Serve**

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