▍Spring Commissions - Part 2

Update - 5/2/2018 (WED) 06:00 PM

Update: All Spring Commissions are closed. Thank you!

Thank you, everyone who helped out with the Spring Commissions! Things went so well that I'm going to open up again for a few larger ones to work on in May. I plan to take one or two waist-up illustrations this time as well as two icons.

These will be the last ones I take before Late Summer/Early Fall. Remember, these are mostly to help me figure out my workflow and scheduling so the prices will be lower and it might take me longer to work on things.

The Commission Form opens again today, so be sure to drop in and fill out a form if you want to commission me!

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▍Spring Commissions

Update - 3/30/2018 (FRI) 07:05 PM

Hey ya'll, I'm gonna take a few sketch and icon commissions this April! People have been asking for a while if and when I would ever open, and I can finally say that I'm feeling confident enough to go for it this year.

Since I've never done commissions seriously before, I'm going to try and use this as a test run so that I can figure out how I can best make this work out for both me and my clients. If you end up working with me, I'd appreciate any feedback!

Just a reminder: this year, I'm only going to open up for a few months at a time. I'll be taking these to be completed in April and early May. Hopefully, the next time I'll be open will be Late Summer or Early Fall, and I'll take a lot more commissions then!

**Forms Collected April 2nd: First Come First Serve**

Commission Information and Pricing | Commission Form (Opens New Tab)

▍Grand Opening

New - 1/2/2018 (TUE) 1:07 PM

Reco here! It's taken way longer than I would have hoped and it's been a rough road, but Seabed Ultimate is finally up! This site's going to serve as a place for me to post my art, projects and ideas from now on.

Around a year ago, a couple of friends and I had the idea to create our own websites for fun, and I ended up making Seabed VHard on Neocities. It was just going to be a cheesy thing based off of early 2000s fansites but over the course of a few months it started to grow into something new. Deciding that I wanted a bit more freedom and control, I began work on Seabed Ultimate in the fall of 2017.

While the site was supposed to go up on Halloween, I mismanaged my time a lot (my fault) and other projects, family, travel and mental health issues kept coming up. Every month that went by without any real progress was frustrating and disappointing, but I did learn a lot and took care of what I'd consider to be more important issues. As the dust started to settle, I set a final goal to finish the essential behind-the-scenes work, then open the site on New Years Day, and well...all I can do is laugh at this point and move forward.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has been patiently following me as I work on being a better artist and making better things. Seabed VHard will stay up but it will see a lot of changes and be updated less often.