▍Spring Commissions

Update - 3/30/2018 (FRI) 07:05 PM

Hey ya'll, I'm gonna take a few sketch and icon commissions this April! People have been asking for a while if and when I would ever open, and I can finally say that I'm feeling confident enough to go for it this year.

Since I've never done commissions seriously before, I'm going to try and use this as a test run so that I can figure out how I can best make this work out for both me and my clients. If you end up working with me, I'd appreciate any feedback!

Just a reminder: this year, I'm only going to open up for a few months at a time. I'll be taking these to be completed in April and early May. Hopefully, the next time I'll be open will be Late Summer or Early Fall, and I'll take a lot more commissions then!

**Forms Collected April 2nd: First Come First Serve**

Commission Information and Pricing | Commission Form (Opens New Tab)

▍Grand Opening

New - 1/2/2018 (TUE) 1:07 PM

Reco here! It's taken way longer than I would have hoped and it's been a rough road, but Seabed Ultimate is finally up! This site's going to serve as a place for me to post my art, projects and ideas from now on.

Around a year ago, a couple of friends and I had the idea to create our own websites for fun, and I ended up making Seabed VHard on Neocities. It was just going to be a cheesy thing based off of early 2000s fansites but over the course of a few months it started to grow into something new. Deciding that I wanted a bit more freedom and control, I began work on Seabed Ultimate in the fall of 2017.

While the site was supposed to go up on Halloween, I mismanaged my time a lot (my fault) and other projects, family, travel and mental health issues kept coming up. Every month that went by without any real progress was frustrating and disappointing, but I did learn a lot and took care of what I'd consider to be more important issues. As the dust started to settle, I set a final goal to finish the essential behind-the-scenes work, then open the site on New Years Day, and well...all I can do is laugh at this point and move forward.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has been patiently following me as I work on being a better artist and making better things. Seabed VHard will stay up but it will see a lot of changes and be updated less often.